Engage passionate consumers, collect revenue-driving Zero Party insights, and increase engagement on your website.

Social Asking white-label comments & polling embed with automated NLP analytics & reporting.

Completely Customizable to Work With Your Brand

Why You Need Social Asking

  • Take back control from Social Media and empower your website.
  • Participation rates are superior to surveys.
  • Consumer comments fives times longer than on Youtube.
  • Insights are superior to social listening.
  • Collect first-party data.
Redirect and engage your social, CRM, and website audiences and collect the most valuable insights possible.
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The combination of human comment tagging and NLP is more accurate than sentiment analysis. Also, collect polls and NPS.
The AI automatically identifies representative comments across all the key trends.
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Save time-and-money thanks to our automated qualitative insights reports.
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Engagement on FIFA 20

Free Product Insights Report

The Qutee Insights report is generated automatically and updated with each new comment or poll.

The insights include:

  • Over 500 Net Promoter Scores (Q rating) and associated Representative Comments.
  • 3,500 Qualitative Poll results.
  • Full NLP analysis of over 1000 user sentiment tagged comments ie. it’s more accurate than Sentiment Analysis.
  • Key topic and sentiment trends.
  • Representative Comments for each user tag and the entire engagement.
  • Popular comments.
  • Most active users’ comments.
  • Participation Metrics.

The Future of Community Management… AI Powered by Social Asking.

Do you seek actionable insights based  on authentic customer feedback on products and/or services?

What if you had access to invaluable data concerning your ideal customers? Data that brands like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Reddit, and others have used to become the power houses they are today?

What if you could turn your social and consumer audience into a real-time super-sized focus group community within hours?


How it Works

Quick and Easy Process

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    Imaginative Question + Polls

    Ask your passionate audience about things you need to know.

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    Put a comment system for your audience on your home site.

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    Access advanced analytics powered by Qutee’s AI Natural Language Processing API.

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    Download insights report.

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    Share Results

    Share what you’ve learned with higher-ups, colleagues, or the public at large.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qutee Social Asking?

Qutee is a comments and polling platform powered by AI analytics that provides the most compelling conversational experience for consumers and truthful qualitative insights for brands and communities that social media, surveys, and social listening cannot provide.

What makes this better than other tools?

  • You are able to create a super-sized passionate panel you control.
  • Richer commenting and insights vs. Facebook & Twitter
  • Higher participation rates vs. surveys.
  • Richer and more accurate insights vs. Social Listening. 
  • More passionate audiences vs. “coupon collector” panel platforms.
  • Time and money-saving automated analysis and reporting.

How do I drive consumer feedback?

Simply create a Qutee and share with your Social, CRM ( or email lists), and Influencer audiences and let Qutee’s automated analysis and reporting do the rest. This can be done within minutes!

How many questions can I ask per Qutee?

Each conversation consists of one open-ended question with appropriate comment descriptors. There is also an option to add as many polls as you like, although we recommended no more than ten so the data stays relevant.  You are also able to change the Q rating (NPS score) to whichever parameters you wish for a more detailed discussion.

Tell me more about the analysis?

Anyone participating in the discussion is required to tag their comments with descriptors, which can be based on sentiment, demographic, or product features– simply anything you wish!

Each conversation consists of one open-ended question with appropriate comment descriptors. There is also an option to add as many polls as you like, although we recommended no more than ten. You are also able to change the Q rating (NPS score) to whichever parameters you wish.

This methodology provides superior accuracy to traditional sentiment analysis, especially when faced with paragraph-length comments (very frequent on Qutee) and those with acronyms. (Gaming/Tech etc.)

Explain the insights reports?

The auto-generated report saves you days, if not weeks, of analysis and is designed to provide “hearts and minds” insights to every team member–not just a dedicated expert. The report includes a full breakdown of the:

  • Participation Metrics.
  • Q rating (NPS) and associated representative comments.
  • Polls.
  • Full NLP analysis of topics and sentiments classified by the user comment descriptors.
  • Representative comments for each descriptor and the entire engagement.
  • Popular comments.
  • Identifies most active users.

What are representative comments?

Using a sophisticated algorithm, we factor into account comment descriptors, popular topics, and sentiments. Qutee also looks at peer approval (or “likes”) to extract representative comments across the entire discussion and each comment descriptor.

Sampling and Demographics

Social Asking relies on the power of social, CRM, and influencer audiences. While you don’t initially control the research sample (and we get that respondent sampling is essential to research), you are accessing the most qualified and passionate consumers providing the insights that will “make or break” a product or update. Suppose the most passionate people in your audience are not listened to and abated? In that case, there is little hope of convincing the majority consumer demographic of the product’s merits.

In terms of ascertaining the appropriate demographic, Qutee focuses on open-ended responses, which are then supported by comment descriptors and polls, which can provide as much qualitative demographic data as you wish. Also, once you have run your first Qutee, you, by default, have established a consumer panel from which you can segment for subsequent engagements.

If you have an online audience, CRM database, or access to an influencer, you can leverage passion point audiences today with Qutee!

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Live Example Embeds

Social Asking Demo Embed

Threaded comments that allow your users to discuss together.

Fully embrace the social asking methodology with this embed!  This embed features public comments and data and is ideal for non-sensitive discussion.  Collect ratings, intent tags, and polls in a social-friendly manner allowing users to create and share with others–earning upvotes and appealing to that social feel.

Survey Mode Demo Embed

A guided survey that keeps data confidential.

This embed is a survey mode that doesn’t include open comments.  You still collect ratings, intent tags, and polls but don’t allow users to view each other’s responses or reply to one another.  It’s best for sensitive data and more traditional collection.

Survey Mode Button Demo

Don’t have room to embed it on a page? Use this pop-over by placing a button somewhere on your page.

Survey Mode Banner Demo

This banner mode is a great option for quickly including a survey prompt on an existing page.