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Engage your audience in unique new experiences that everyone will want to be a part of.
Explore trends and make data-driven decisions.
Enrich yourself with the wealth of insights your audience has to offer.

8 x

Longer Comments

3 x

More Responses

100 x

Faster Insights

90 %

Reduced Effort

200 %

More Constructive

10 x

Return on Investment


You can benefit from asking.


Amplified Engagement

Rally passionate audiences and foster productive discussion


Superior Data and Insights

AI-powered instant analysis replaces manual efforts.


Competitive Advantages

Move faster than competitors by doing research more quickly.


Innovate and Test

Rapidly validate concepts with real-time feedback.


Accelerated Decision-Making

Eliminate delays and incorporate feedback into more decisions.


Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Save time and money by adopting our proven methodology.


Supersized Panels

Operate panels online with larger audiences for less.


Brand Loyalty

Establish goodwill with customers by involving them.


Gain instant insight into whatever you ask.

  • 1

    Create your survey

    Setup polls, ratings and open-ended questions to ask your audience.

  • 2

    Share the link

    Share the link to your engagement on socials, via email or with a QR code.

  • 4

    Download a report

    Get an automated insights report with key trends from your results.

  • 5

    Chat with AI

    Explore deeper and use AI to query the data you’ve collected.


See it in action.

Bolton Wanderers FC leveraged Social Asking’s platform to involve their passionate fan base in the design process for their new kits. By launching interactive surveys, they collected thousands of data points and valuable feedback from supporters, allowing them to iterate on the kit designs until they truly resonated with their fans.


Download our information packet to see the full story of how BWFC engaged their fans, including the interactive surveys, AI-powered insights reports, and excerpts of the most insightful fan comments. Get a firsthand look at how Social Asking enables organizations to validate concepts, capture continuous feedback, and make data-driven decisions based on the voice of their audience.

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Our Complete Toolkit for Audience Intelligence

Survey Platform

  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Polls
  • Intent Tags
  • Social Experiences

Hosted Engagements

  • Landing Pages
  • White Labeling
  • Custom Domains
  • Infrastructure Provided
  • Instant Setup

API & Widgets

  • Embeddable
  • Integration Ready
  • Developer Friendly
  • Scalable
  • Reliable

AI Reports & Chatbot

  • Smart Filters & Trends
  • Analyst LLM, Sebastian Alpha
  • Automated Reporting
  • Representative Comments
  • Ready Out-the-box

Questions + Comments, Ratings and Polls

Create user-friendly experiences that capture data with our landing pages, widget system, or API.


Seamless and simple installation

White-labeled custom domains and SSO that works with your site for a frictionless experience for everyone.


Representative comments

Build a richer picture of customer opinion with snippets that summarize common sentiments and thoughts.

AI Chatbot

Chat with Sebastian Alpha to review the data you collect. Find trends and be your own analyst.


Intent tags

Gain clarity on what customers are thinking and feeling with intent tags that give context to comments.


Smart filters

Cut through the noise with smart filters that let you and your customers get to the responses they care about quickly.


Automated reporting

Share insights with automated reports for you to download and circulate.


Pioneering engagement and insight for everyone.

Fan Engagement & Sports

Crowdsource insights shaping gameday experiences and more.

Travel & Hospitality

Validate new offerings by understanding evolving preferences.

Human Resources

Facilitate open dialogue developing effective workplace policies, culture.

Politics & Civic Engagement

Amplify constituent voices to guide policy and initiatives.

Technology & Innovation

Rapid user feedback for accelerating product roadmaps.

Media & Publishing

Understand audience resonance for impactful content strategies.

Educations & EdTech

Capture student/educator input enhancing learning experiences.

Retail & eCommerce

Validate product concepts aligned with true consumer needs.


We chart the way for these great partners.

  • Tempo Reading
  • University of Bath
  • iSAW
  • Pilot Beer
  • APL Media
  • Sharks FCA
  • Bolton Wanderers FC
  • Cardiff City FC
  • Hibernian FC
  • Aberdeen FC
  • The ability to quickly gather fan feedback, analyze it, and re-engage with new survey options was invaluable in our kit design process. Social Asking's platform enabled us to listen to our fans' voices, understand their preferences, and deliver a kit they truly loved, all within a tight turnaround time.

    Client Image
  • Social Asking's comprehensive survey capabilities and rapid turnaround time for insights have been game-changers for Cardiff City FC. By capturing both quantitative and qualitative data, we can truly listen to our fans' voices and make informed decisions that enhance their experience and drive revenue for the club.

    Client Image
  • The collaboration between Social Asking, Hibernian FC, and Pilot Beer offered a striking example of how commercial partners and clubs can work together to enhance fan experiences, all while honoring their preferences. This experience further supports the notion that engaging your audience can effortlessly combine ease, efficiency, and benefits for all involved parties.

    Client Image
  • This platform's unique ability to foster genuine communication and capture evolving perspectives in a safe, structured environment has allowed us to gain invaluable insights from our student program. By facilitating open discussions without toxicity, Social Asking empowers every voice to be heard, ensuring our students are not just ticking boxes but are truly engaged in the conversation.

    Client Image
  • Every football club in the country should be getting you in to help with that fan engagement piece.  It's really important to engage your fans--but do it properly, and do it in a real way. Giving fans that voice is really important.  It's been hugely successful. I've not seen anything like it on the market.

    Client Image

They struck gold. You're next.


Is this for me?

CEOs & Managing Directors

CEOs & Managing Directors

As strategic leaders, CEOs and Managing Directors need comprehensive customer insights to ensure their organizations make informed, data-driven decisions aligned with audience needs. Social Asking provides that centralized customer truth to guide corporate strategies, investments and priorities.

CX & Marketing Leaders

CX/Marketing Leaders

Creating differentiated, compelling customer experiences is paramount for CX professionals and marketers. Social Asking allows them to deeply understand audiences through engaging feedback mechanisms that generate rich qualitative insights for crafting resonant strategies.

Innovation and Strategy Roles

Innovation/Strategy Roles

Whether innovating new offerings or developing long-term strategic roadmaps, having an intimate grasp of evolving customer needs is critical. Social Asking’s continuous listening capabilities prevent innovation theaters from being disrupted by misaligned investments.

Product / Program Managers

Product/Program Managers

Those responsible for products, services or initiatives require a direct line to customer feedback throughout ideation, prototyping and go-to-market. Social Asking enables rapidly validating concepts and capturing continuous user input.

Corporate Communication Professionals

Corporate Communications Professionals

Managing brand reputation and positioning requires harmonizing the customer perspective across messaging. Social Asking provides that unified data foundation to ensure communications resonate.

Market / Customer Research Leaders

Market/Customer Research Leaders

For those facilitating customer/market research, Social Asking streamlines the entire function by automating analysis of real-time qualitative feedback, replacing manual processes.


Got questions? We've got answers.

Do I need to be an analyst?

No, the ease-of-use of Social Asking allows anyone to be their own analyst. Rely on AI to accelerate your research timelines.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we’re fully transparent with how data is collected and with who it is shared with explicitly among other GDPR considerations.

How long does setup take?

Setup time with Social Asking is extremely fast. For most pro users, you can go live and start collecting audience insights in under a week. Our platform is designed to get you up and running quickly.

How do you prevent spam?

We monitor your engagement for any abuses and ensure that no-one is gaming the system.

What moderation features are available?

We use AI to identify problematic posts and scrub them from your engagement before they cause damage.

Can I put it on my own website?

Social Asking was built with integrations and portability in mind.  It’s simple to embed our widgets on your site.

Can you handle my traffic?

Absolutely. Social Asking utilizes a highly scalable cloud infrastructure that automatically provisions more resources to handle spikes in traffic and engagement data. Our platform has successfully powered audience engagements for major brands and events that received millions of visitors, without any bottlenecks or performance issues. We have robust hosting options available to guarantee maximum uptime for your most critical campaigns.

Can I white label my engagement?

Yes! You can style your engagement with CSS and completely customize it and remove the Social Asking branding.

Can I export the data?

You own the data! You can export data to your existing systems for further analysis.  We offer CSV downloads and custom webhook integrations.

What up-time guarantees do you offer?

We ensure a 99% uptime for reliable delivery of all your engagements.


We're at your service.

We handle all the initial setup, so all you have to do is test with your teams and check you’re happy to go live.
We are here to help.  If you need help creating your custom engagement or setting up, our support team can guide you.
We deliver onboarding sessions tailored to your teams to turn anyone into an analyst.

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