BWFC Case Study

Bolton Wanderers Football Club teamed up with Social Asking to let fans pick next season’s kit.  Fans were able to rate the kits, complete polls, and participate in a discussion centering around their opinions on past, present, and future kit selections.  The fans loved this opportunity and were very enthusiastic to participate in such an important decision for the club, with record breaking participation.

Play the video below to learn how Social Asking supercharged their fan engagement and how we made every fan's voice count.


Neil Hart, CEO Bolton Wanderers

"Every football club in the country should be getting you in to help with that fan engagement piece"

"Giving fans that voice is really important."

"We needed that very sophisticated, clean, fresh, simple way of putting that out there."

"It's been hugely successful."

"It's really important to engage your fans--but do it properly, and do it in a real way."

"I've not seen anything like it on the market."


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