Community Guidelines

Qutee is a place for discussion and debate. We want to empower your to share your opinions and make your voice heard, however, we do have some sensible stipulations in regards to behavior and acceptable content. You will find what we have termed our community guidelines below.


What you shouldn’t post.

1. Illegal Content

  • Illegal Sexual/Pornographic Material
  • Copyrighted Material          

2. Content encouraging or inciting violence against any person or group.

3. Threats, harassment and stalking.

4. The posting of personal information without consent from the affected party.

5. Impersonation of other individuals.

6. Spam content of any type.

7. Gratuitous sexual content.


How you shouldn’t behave.

1. Creation of multiple accounts to continue posting after having been banned or to manipulate on site content.

2. Intentional interference with normal use/function of site.

3. Any attempts at introducing malicious code.

4. Any and all attempts to “break” any aspect of the site or interfere with other users ability to interact on site.



At the end of the day, we reserve the right to determine what behavior and content is acceptable on Qutee. Our actions may range from simple deleting rule breaking content that is not in keeping with our guidelines or, depending on the severity of the offense, banning the account or accounts of offending users. Please use Qutee to foster conversation and lively debate and refrain from engaging in any negative behavior and above all else have fun.

We also implore our users to moderate their own Qutees, as we’ve given you the power to do so. We trust you to uphold our community values.

Disclaimer: These guidelines are not an extension or replacement for our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.