Seamlessly organize user data, uncover valuable trends, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience’s preferences and concerns.


Say goodbye to manual analysis and embrace a streamlined, efficient approach to leveraging user feedback for better decision-making and continuous improvement.

Meet your new insights analyst.

Sebastian Alpha


Sebastian Alpha Is Your Guide


Instant Answers to Ad-Hoc Questions

Need to understand customer reaction to a specific product update? The chatbot can instantly analyze all relevant feedback and provide comprehensive answers, without tasking analysts.


Reduce Data Comprehension Barriers

The conversational interface reduces barriers to comprehending data compared to technical dashboards. Non-analysts can simply ask questions in natural language.


Uncover Hidden Insights from Qualitative Data

The chatbot can uncover insights hidden within unstructured data sources like open-ended comments, social conversations, support tickets and more – not just structured data.


Scalable Self-Service Analytics

As data volumes grow, the chatbot allows democratizing insights at scale. Anyone can self-serve answers without straining limited analyst resources.

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Organize, analyze, and summarize key insights

Understand user data in a single request


According to the search results, the engagement had the following key metrics and poll results:

  • 946 participating users who generated 4.9k interactions
  • 84% overall ratings score, based on 589 ratings from 549 unique users
  • 10 polls conducted with 3.2k total votes from 378 unique voters
  • 1.1k reviews from 741 unique commenters, with 7 featured comments
  • 194 unique topics discussed, with 6k total topics mentioned


See the big picture in a convenient, localized space

AI distills information spread out over many areas of complex surveys into a compact, readable form. Use the integrated chatbot to bring everything together, so that you can focus on using the data effectively.


Lightning fast and ready to serve

Analyze data from your surveys at low cost and blazing speeds. Your AI analyst is available 24/7 and poses no significant overhead. Get answers about your user data now instead of later, and decrease costs!


Target key concerns and locate specific issues immediately

Pinpoint important topics using natural language and receive instant feedback. Get recommendations, ideas, and drafts to address key issues.


Eliminate guesswork by leveraging AI analysis

Get specific candidates for solutions and new ideas based on user feedback. Empower your next action with objectivity and accuracy to address the needs of users and customers.

Create outlines and drafts instantly

Let Sebastian structure your writing and save time


Social Media

Sebastian Alpha understands how to write Tweets, Facebook posts and more. Make the best use of catchy titles, exciting content for users, and even sprinklings of emoticons!


Summaries and Blogs

Keep your users up to date on any platform with drafts output in Markdown, bulleted lists, and more. Use data directly from your Social Asking surveys to generate content-packed blog entries instantly.


Emails and Reports

Communicate inside the organization effectively using objective information from your user’s feedback. Write a professional email to your boss with less than half the work, or prepare a report for the board in a flash!


Avoid errors while writing

Drafts are written in a form appropriate for the context, with flawless organization and grammar. Never make a spelling mistake again, with help from AI.

Plan your next move

Request guidance for future engagements


Determine your next critical question

Once you’ve got all the data you need on your current survey, what do you ask your users next? If you’re not sure or looking for alternatives, let Sebastian Alpha generate a few ideas!


Identify selections for polls

Add a few extra choices to your polls to see what your users think, based on the requirements you outline. AI will look at what options are available and make relevant suggestions.


Brainstorm and find direction

You can use AI as a sounding board, and get good feedback! In addition to elements for your surveys, Sebastian Alpha can even recommend ideas for product design and style. Everything is based on the answers your users have given in response to the questions you’ve asked.

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