Cut the noise.
Start a conversation.

Social Asking is a powerful new tool that lets you invite,
understand and action meaningful customer feedback
— effortlessly and enjoyably.

Take a test drive and see just how easy it is:

    Take a test drive and see just how easy it is:


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      Cardiff City Kit Feedback

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      Endless scrolling of comments sections and unanswered surveys just don’t work.


      We fixed it.

      Social Asking is an intelligent new tool that lets you…

      • Invite your audience to share feedback
      • Get meaningful, actionable insights
      • Problem-solve and build community

      …effortlessly, intuitively, and enjoyably.

      It’s a feedback loop that people will actually want to be a part of.

      Key features

      Seamless and simple installation

      White-labeled custom domains and SSO that works with your site for a frictionless experience for everyone.


      Representative comments

      Build a richer picture of customer opinion with snippets that summarize common sentiments and thoughts.

      Intent tags

      Gain clarity on what customers are thinking and feeling with intent tags that give context to comments.


      Smart filters

      Cut through the noise with smart filters that let you and your customers get to the responses they care about quickly.


      Automated reporting

      Share insights with automated reports for you to download and circulate.

      How does it work?

      Frame the problem

      Ask an imaginative question to draw targeted conversation about things you want to know about.

      Collect raw data

      Share a URL or embed your engagement and begin collecting comments and votes.


      Download insights reports that give you the need-to-know of a conversation not endless comments.


      Use filters to drill down to comments of interest and discover insights as you explore.

      Go deeper

      Re-engage users with more specific prompts and collect another round of data.


      Put your insights to work by making informed decisions that you can back up with quantitative data from your customers.

      Start the conversation today.