The sports engagement tool you need.

Instead of searching for specific data across all channels which can be manual and time consuming, you can now gather automated insights all in one platform. Start a conversation to rapidly generate feedback and our smart filters will do the rest– producing genuine sentiment insights and automated, digestible reports so your club can make informed data-driven decisions.

Create powerful conversations that your fans will love.

Social Asking is an intelligent, easy to use tool which invites your fans to engage directly with your sports club to create communities through memorable experiences, bringing your club closer to the fans and people together.

Our interactive tool allows fans to fully engage with each other, creating a sense of community that static surveys lack. With our smart filters, fans can browse the results of the survey, interact with other fans, and feel like their voice is heard.

Supercharge your fan engagement.

Fan engagement through Social Asking will create another revenue stream for your club with brand sponsorships. Sponsors will get the opportunity to sponsor the fans’ voice, whilst benefiting from brand awareness. Let us show you how easy Social Asking can be and increase community participation within your club  – join our pilot scheme for 2022.

30 Minute demo available now!

    30 Minute demo available now!

      Bolton Wanderer’s Football Club conducted an engagement to poll their fans on their favorite football kit choices for the following season–this was met with resounding success!


      We think it really shows the power of social engagement, imaginative and innovative leadership, and how to really connect the supporters and club at a grass roots level.
      -Neil H., BWFC

      Collect first-party data

      Sports teams are only as good as their fans – our fan engagement tool allows leagues and teams to engage fans while collecting valuable first-party data through interactive polls and surveys. Unlike some surveys, our platform isn’t just a set of linear questions and encourages audience engagement. Fans are motivated to engage with their peers through the platform, increasing audience participation.


      Fan conversation analysis

      You and your fans can analyze the conversation in real time in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Filter by topic, sentiment or keyword and use these insights as part of your club’s ongoing fan engagement strategy.

      Expert implementation and hosted deployments

      Our powerful new tool is effortless and enjoyable to use. We’ll help you create a launch plan and work as an extension to your team through the campaign.


      Instant snapshot reports

      People hate having a dashboard that isn’t good to share.  Our reports replace the step of branding and coalescing the data to report to superiors, colleagues and the public.

      Choose a time on the calendar now!

        Choose a time on the calendar now!

          Benefits of Social Asking

          Engage your fans

          • Bridge the gap between social media platforms and your community
          • Activate engagement with polls and conversations and speak directly to your fans
          • Raise awareness and attendance of sports club
          • Higher response rates and participation

          Improve supporter experience

          • Spot negative topic trends to resolve common complaints
          • Improve communication between the team and supporters
          • Use insights to improve overall positive sentiment

          Make reporting easier

          • User-friendly, dashboard with interactive filtering
          • All fan engagement metrics in one report
          • No coding and dedicated support team

          Create a revenue stream

          • Sell sponsor slots for ad revenue
          • Form a panel you can leverage for future insights for you and associated brands
          • Understand spend and trends to shape offerings

          How do you use our sports engagement tool?

          Use our interactive report to understand the shape of your fan’s conversations.
          Filter by representative comments to spot trends and gain valuable insights into fan sentiment.

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