Introducing Sebastian Alpha – Your Conversational Data Analyst

Unlock Powerful Insights Through Conversation

At Social Asking, we’re revolutionizing data analysis by making it accessible to everyone. With Sebastian Alpha, your technical expertise doesn’t matter – you can have natural conversations to extract meaningful insights from survey data. Now, anyone can be a data analyst.

Meet Sebastian Alpha, an innovative AI chatbot that transforms how you explore and analyze survey responses. This cutting-edge technology understands plain English, allowing you to simply speak or type your questions. Through an intuitive back-and-forth dialogue, Sebastian guides you in uncovering the most valuable takeaways from your data.

Making Analysis Conversational and Accessible

Traditional data analysis has been reserved for experts, but Sebastian Alpha democratizes these capabilities. This conversational AI empowers anyone to leverage advanced analytics and uncover insights independently, without specialized skills. Sebastian acts as your virtual analyst, turning complex data exploration into a friendly chat.

With Sebastian, you can effortlessly:

  • Ask questions about survey responses using natural language
  • Generate easy-to-understand visualizations to reveal trends
  • Surface key themes from open-ended feedback
  • Filter data for analysis of specific segments or groups
  • Export polished reports, summaries, and raw data files

Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Sebastian Alpha allows you to create customized AI assistants to analyze data based on your goals. Simply log into to get started. Depending on your account, pre-built assistants may be ready for immediate use. Our support team can also collaborate with you to tailor an assistant to your specific needs.

For advanced users, our intuitive interface simplifies building custom AI assistants from scratch. Configure instructions and data sources to fine-tune how your assistant processes queries and delivers personalized insights.

See It in Action

Experience the power of a customized Sebastian assistant for yourself. Ask about a particular survey topic, or request a high-level summary – Sebastian’s lightning-fast analysis transforms responses into clear, actionable insights. With this ability to tailor Sebastian’s capabilities, the most valuable survey takeaways are at your fingertips. Your assistant becomes an analyst that truly understands your business and objectives.

Don’t settle for generic data tools. Embrace the future of analysis with Sebastian Alpha – your conversational AI analyst, built to unlock your survey data’s full potential.

See a full video on how Sebastian Alpha works here.