Introduction to Social Asking™

We all love giving feedback. As humans, we love to communicate… whether we’re motivated to do so because we’ve been disappointed with a product or service (which we’ve seen an obvious way something can be improved on) or perhaps to give well-deserved recognition to a person that went the extra mile. We live in a society where audiences and consumers have unprecedented access to the brand, product, and experience. Truly understanding your audience and having an engaging dialogue is what builds great experiences and relationships.

Do you ever feel like Abe Simpson shouting at a cloud?

Unfortunately, audiences and consumers are constantly inundated with unimaginative surveys or polls. We’ve all personally experienced it – you step off a long flight and receive a ‘short’ survey that turns into a 10-minute odyssey. Have you ever abandoned one part way through? Did the company ever get back to you with feedback?

What about trying to make sense of written reviews or opinion pieces?

Scrolling through endless comment-noise to try and find the commentary and topics that are relevant or interesting to you?

Using broken comment systems, scrolling endlessly through the chaotic and spam-riddled responses?

Or maybe on the other side of the coin, have you ever tried to conduct research using polls or surveys with little to no response?

Do you find that your audience sometimes isn’t honest – if they even respond at all? 

If these resonated, you understand how tedious and time-consuming any of those methods can be and how little ROI they have.

Here’s how Social Asking™, one of the newest products in market and consumer research, has finally bridged the gap between research and engagement.

How does Social Asking Resolve The Above Issues?

We’ve reimagined a way to engage your customers and audiences with just one tool by analyzing, indexing, and counting every response, topic, and sentiment so you can jump straight to relevant responses and understand the conversation. This intelligent tool translates the comment responses into meaningful, actionable insights through an automated report that you can download, share, and circulate. You can use Social Asking™ as a better way of understanding what customers think and feel about the product, brand, or service without tediously scrolling through chaotic comment sections or scraping data. 

So, what exactly is Social Asking™?

Social Asking™ is our method of seeking feedback and insights in a collaborative manner. This means that instead of searching and scraping for specific data, you can now directly crowdsource insights from your audience by way of open online conversations, inviting them to engage together to problem-solve creatively. The Social Asking™ portal can be opened to allow customers to view all responses and interact with each other. This drives engagement, enthusiasm, and opinion, which spins valuable insights back to you. Your audience will be able to tag their comment with specific sentiment, which augments the Social Asking™ Natural Language Processing engine to produce genuine sentiment insights. No more fuzzy AI or guesswork – the truth is out there!

We also have a simple yet comprehensive reporting and analytics engine that can generate meaningful and actionable reports on-demand and in real-time. More importantly, we are encouraging brands to be brave.

We want you and your brand to take the chance to find out what your audience really thinks. 

But how?

These conversations allow your audience to contribute to a community of peers so that they feel intellectually stimulated and as though their opinions are actually being heard. Social Asking™ actually becomes a feedback loop of more meaningful engagement that people will actually want to be a part of…and that you can gain a better understanding from.

In a nutshell, our mission at Social Asking™ is to help brands gain better insights and engagement with their community of customers. We do this via open-ended, socially asked questions, which are over and above traditional polling platforms like Survey Monkey. We make it easy for your audience to engage beyond the typical poll experience and make it quick and easy to evaluate the insights. 

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is ask!